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Massive ‘Gravity Hole’ in Indian Ocean may have been caused by ancient sea that sank millions of years ago

A massive, alleged “Gravity Hole” mystery beneath the Indian Ocean could potentially have originated from the remains of a primordial ocean, as per recent research.

Scientists recently provided potential beginnings of a massive extended depression in the depths of the ocean, which has been recognized as Earth’s most prominent gravitational irregularity.

Scientific American reports that a recent study argues that the Indian Ocean geoid low (IOGL) comprises of plates from the ancient Tethys Ocean, which submerged deep within the Earth’s crust millions countless years in the past.

According to Science Alert, the IOGI covers approximately 2 million square miles and lies at a depth of over 600 miles beneath the Earth’s crust.

As per the recent research published in Geophysical Research Letters, it might have arisen when the Tethyan slabs “disturbed” the African Large Low Shear Velocity region, commonly referred to as the “African blob,” resulting in upwellings beneath the Indian Ocean.

“These plumes, along with the mantle structure in the vicinity of the geoid low, are responsible for the formation of this negative geoid anomaly,” head author Debanjan Pal and Attreyee Ghosh noted in their research paper.

Massive ‘Gravity Hole’ in Indian Ocean may have been caused by ancient sea that sank millions of years ago
The beginning of the “Gravity Hole” has potentially been discovered thanks to recent researched. (International Centre for Global Earth Models/Wikimedia, CC BY 4.0)

According to Scientific American, the Tethys Ocean, which existed many millions of years in the past, acted as a barrier between the colossal landmasses of Gondwana and Laurasia.

Several hypotheses have emerged to find out the source of the gravitational irregularity.

“All these previous studies looked at the present-day anomaly and were not concerned with how this geoid low came into existence,” the research paper reads.

According to Scientific American, the findings relied on over twelve computer simulations.

Massive ‘Gravity Hole’ in Indian Ocean may have been caused by ancient sea that sank millions of years ago
The ‘Gravity Hole’ is deep within the Indian Ocean. (Ningthoujam, Negi & Pandey/EOS, 2019)

Geophysicist Shijie Zhong informed the publication that the research presents a fascinating perspective that may enhance comprehension of the IOGL.

“We like to talk about the positive gravity anomalies, such as the superplumes over Africa and the Pacific,” Zhong stated. “But the geoid low in the Indian Ocean is one of the most profound gravitational anomalies on our planet.”

According to Pal, the gravitational cavity probably formed approximately 20 million years ago and is expected to endure for millions more years.

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