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US Army Special Forces Fighting in Secret – Saudi Arabia’s Yemen War

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The military of the United States is more heavily involved in Saudi Arabia’s war taking place in Yemen than officials have been admitting. New evidence is suggesting that the Pentagon was lying to Congress at the debate in March about the United States being involved, with a presentation about the United States operations at present time being limited to mid-air refueling of Saudi Arabia’s warplanes along with targeting.

Thursday, The New York Times reported there’s actually a small amount of United States special forces located on the ground at Saudi Arabia’s border of Yemen. These soldiers haven’t only been on the ground since late in the year 2017, but are there on missions to assist Saudi Arabia’s military battles against the Shi’ite Houthi movements in Yemen.

No public debates had happened in respects to their deployment. The Pentagon indeed is appearing to have went to great efforts not to let the American public or Congress be made aware about the Green Berets being send to the Yemen border. These Green Berets intentions are to assist the Saudis in “locating and destroying” Houthi missile caches, and strike Houthi launch sites within Yemen.

This has been happening even though the Trump Administration tells Congress about America’s involvement in Yemen being only “non-combat,” and again, even with the Pentagon repeating claims that America’s only in Yemen involvement was support and logistics for the Saudi’s air war.

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) stated that the Pentagon was purposely “blurring the lines between train and equip missions and combat.” It’s not clear from reporting by the New York Times if the United States soldiers went into Yemen, but since their mission is to target Houthi sites, it seems nearly certain they did.

Centcom Commander General Joseph Votel in the March debate, stated that he held authorization to “assist the Saudis in defending their border.” Although, at around this time he said to the Senate this is being done purely with intelligence sharing along with “military advice.” It’s obvious, that it also involved physical United States soldiers on the border.

The consequences of the Pentagon’s deception, what they will be domestically, is remaining to be seen. At the bare minimum it looks as though this may provide a brand new pretext for voting to end involvement by the United States in the War in Yemen, since Congress was lacking all the data they required to hold informed voting in March.

Featured Image: CC/Flickr/USASOC News Service

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