The Real Mutant Story of Kyle James Lee

  • REVISED/UPDATED: 10/1/2017

– Kyle James Lee – The #RealMutant Story

– ( The Real Mutant Story ) – The Real Gambit

(The AEGIS Alliance) – This is a summarized story of the strange incidents that have occurred during my life.Kyle James Lee / The Real Gambit

Strange story about my Birthday. I was born on 2-21 ( February 21st) at 2:21 AM in 1983. If you add 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 it equals 21. My name Kyle James Lee. Kyle + Lee equals 7. Middle name James equals 5. Add Kyle + James + Lee it equals 12; that’s 21 backwards. Furthermore are my palms, X’s on both the left and right palms. M on both the left and right palms. On the right palm are my initials KL in palm prints; but I’m left handed. I’m not sure if this is because I was X’ed out of the M factor; or if I’m really a Mutant X.

I’ve studied Tai-Chi, Ninjutsu, and Kung Fu. I am a 4th degree black belt with marks in Tai Chi.

I have multiple mutated genes in my blood. Natural 17/20 vision. I have a highly resistant immune system and haven’t been sick in seven and a half years now. The only reason I had gotten sick the last time was when I first moved into the current house I live in; the germs were already in the house. I also have a foresight short reaction time when something is about to happen. It will only be one to three seconds before something happens; such as when a car honks for example, I jolt my head or look over before it does. I also look as though I’m in my early twenties; even though I’m 34 (2017). My Grandfather Robert (Bob) Devin Duncan had the same foresight, he’s told me when I brought it up about mine; this was before his Alzheimer’s got worse. My Grandfather accomplished great things during his life. He was the only one who transferred over from the Army to the Air Force at the time who had Ranger training. He then trained fighter pilots during the Korean War. He went on to work for NASA; he worked there during the Apollo and Voyager missions; and knew Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.

On the Lee side I’m related to Robert E. Lee. The Duncan’s side goes back to Mary Queens of Scots, The first King of Scotland Robertson; and supposedly the Blind Man Duncan with the real Robin Hood.

At the age of five I shattered a mirror on accident; which the superstitious would say is seven years’ bad luck, but I’m not superstitious. Three sevens equals 21. 7 + 7 + 7 = 21 but I’m no God. Between the ages of five and seven; strange things happened in my Grandparents old house in Norwalk, CA. at 11358 Cecilia Street Norwalk CA. 90650. The house has since been bulldozed to the ground for a freeway expansion; and it was once, if not still haunted. I was laying down for bed, and looked over at the clock; the time was around 10:30 PM. I closed my eyes and felt a bright light beam down; the next thing I remember is being in some sort of facility. I now believe this was the secret underground facility known as the Dulce Base or Dulce Compound located in Dulce, New Mexico. I awoke on a table, there were Grey Aliens; and one man in black suit. The man in the black suit pointed at me as he asked the Grey Aliens how I had woken up. I faded back into no memory; the next thing I knew I was back in my bed and the time was already 4 AM.

The Dulce Compound is believed to have been completed at that time by 1979. I wonder now just how many children were taken into the Dulce Base. The Dulce Base is believed to have used Nuclear Thermal Drills in order to drill out the ground; before they were invented.

I had a sheep dog looking dog named Sam around these times. One night, a couple months after the Dulce incident; I had an out of body experience. I floated out of my bed in the back room of the house, down the hallway; and out to the backyard through the sliding glass door. I saw Sam the sheep dog there, he had been mutilated; and was steaming. I recall never seeing that dog ever again since that happened.

Another few months went by and I had a haunted experience in the house. I was in my bed and closed my eyes, but then I suddenly felt a presence. I opened my eyes and looked around; then, there on the wall; I witnessed what was “ Red Eyes a Shadow with a face on the Wall ”. It was some sort of demonic spirit. I closed my eyes in fear, it came barreling towards me; then something incredible happened. I opened my eyes and fired some sort of Chi Aura or Dharma Chakra at it; then took the demonic spirit inside of me. Apparently I blessed and cleansed it first that way; because I’m still a good heart’ed person. The next morning, I had Rheum (Eye Boogers) covering my eyes so much that I couldn’t open them; so I stumbled to the bathroom and washed them off. Furthermore, years later in my teenage years; my father Stephen James Lee did plumbing under that house. The entrance to get under the house and under the bathroom was where my old room was. He crawled under there and felt something he thought was rice; but no, it was maggots! Something, or someone(s); had been decomposing underneath that house for years.

I come from a family of intelligent people, such as my Grandfather; another was my Great Uncle Jack Lloyd May. He since died of a rare brain disease; but he was a brilliant genius. He was performing top secret work on top secret government projects in San Francisco, California before his passing. He also held patents. Once, when we went up to visit; he had told us about Chinese spies just across the street from his workplace, who were spying on them. The way the buildings were constructed though he said; blocks communication signals from entering or exiting the buildings. That being said, at the age of 19 I enlisted into the U.S. Army; I scored a 102 on the AZVAB and didn’t even study for it. This was enough for classified access; and I got into a higher opportunity working with my Great Uncle for a little while.

During my mid-twenties, I was on a Dirt Bike riding trip in the Desert with my father; to a place called El Mirage. Something spectacular happened out there that everyone at the camp witnessed. My father and my cousins Scott and Matt included; along with Dads old neighbors and others were there. I knew something was about to happen out there, I lifted my hand and gave a thumbs up; as soon as I did that the tarp I was under which was being held down by cinder blocks flew up into the air. Something had sent an Aura flying at the camp; and I had just deflected it. I ran over behind the displaced tarp; and held it there as strong as I could. I began yelling. I know what you’re thinking; Dragon Ball Z right? The winds began to swirl in front of the tarp as I stood behind it; building up massively and wreaking havoc on the campsite.

I yelled and fired the huge wind aura outward into the sky. I looked up and saw my Aura flying; when suddenly it stopped up in the sky. Something, or someone was up there; and it deflected off the side and towards the mountains. Whatever it was up there; called it quits and the wind was no more. There was no wind before or after this incident; only during. My cousin Scott was amazed by what happened; and my cousin Matt blocked it out and doesn’t like to talk about it. Everyone at the campsite witnessed what happened that day.

Years went by and I’m now living in Glendora, CA. I was sent to the Glendale Memorial Hospital during a medical incident…

I was at a facility in Glendale, California for around five days once during 2015. One evening; I was offered a small device. It was a cylinder with the circumference of a US dime and an Inch in length. The device was see through snowy white plastic. There was black stuff all inside of it. I refused to take it. The next evening; I was offered to ingest a medium sized kind of device with black stuff all inside of it. This one looked the same except bigger; the circumference of a United States Quarter coin, and two inches in length. I ingested it down with a cup of water. Now looking back; I wonder if the process wasn’t complete since I hadn’t ingested the initial smaller device. It looked nothing like what I could find online for medical body cameras, etc. I’m certain this was a bio-technology experiment by #DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency – DARPA

Next they offered me a shot; it was turquoise green in color; and had green flakes swirling around in it after they’d shook it up. They claimed it was Invega Sustenna a psych med; but only that this was an experimental version of it.

I’m pretty sure there was something else inside of that shot combined with that device I swallowed. I began tele-porting short distances; or only moving so fast I was unseen. I went home and this effect lasted for another two weeks; then wore off. This may have been an experiment by DARPA; to create a human cyborg from the inside… The DARPA Experiment. This may have been left behind for me by my Great Uncle Jack Lloyd May who had passed away. I was in pain for five days after being given the device.

Not long after The Darpa Experiment; there were El Nino rains in California. I was currently dealing with a fake Vape Shop near here called Z Vape. I got on the phone with the Glendora Police Department; they didn’t want to deal with the call since it was storming rain so hard. I told them fine, I’ll go down to Z Vape myself and then call. I hung up the phone. I then snapped my fingers and the rain instantly stopped; the skies cleared up. The Glendora PD have since twice confirmed this with me over the phone; that when I hung up the phone, the rain stopped. I’m pretty sure DARPA was tapping my cellphone as well. I ended up taking the Z Vape fake vape shop story over to the Better Business Bureau; and won. They sent me a letter telling me that they’ll make other businesses in the area aware of his bad practices.

Not long after that it was just an ordinary day; I went to get the mail, a huge whirlwind with leaves swirling around formed around me. It was going for a good thirty seconds before I snapped my fingers; and the whirlwind fell.

Currently I live a decent life where I live; and still not sure if I really am a cyborg or not. … I’ve researched this further; and they’re nano magnets which go behind your skin, and if you’re cut and stop the bleeding, the cut or wound seals up from the nano magnets. I found this out through credible source.

 This is a summarized story of the strange incidents which have occurred during my life. Kyle James Lee / The Real Gambit

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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