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A woman, age 82, could be seen on video as she plowed her car right into a bakery in upstate New York on Tuesday, February 23.

Kathryn Ford went to hit the brakes however unintentionally throttled the gas pedal, prompting her to plow into Dolce and Biscotti in Clifton Park just before 5 p.m.

Inside, Ford continued throttling the gas, but fortunately, Tom Fron, whose wife owns the bakery, ran over to the vehicle to turn the ignition off.

“It was a miracle,” Tom Fron said. “I was at the cash register and everyone else was in separate corners of the bakery.”

“It happened so fast. I heard a crash and she was in the middle of the bakery,” Fron added. “We are blessed. Everything that was damaged can be repaired.”

Video of the crash shows the BMW crashing through the bakery’s glass windows, and into the kitchen where a number of workers ran for cover.

Ford was not injured. Only one person suffered a minor arm injury and was treated by EMS on the scene.

The bakery posted on its Facebook page that it will be temporarily closed for one to two weeks because of renovations due to the incident.

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