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Malicious PSN Messages Crashing PS4 Owner’s Consoles

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(The AEGIS Alliance) – Device crashes due to malicious messages aren’t just for smartphones apparently. Numerous owners of the Playstation 4 gaming console have been reporting they received PSN messages with an unrecognized character which effectively bricks their consoles. It makes the PS4 crash and leaves the console unable to start properly. Deleting the rogue messages via leaving the conversation with the PS Messages mobile app is not sufficient enough by itself. Users must either rebuild the database in safe mode which is the safer option, or factory reset the system. Deleting the message is also a good first step in the process.

PS4 account owners are able to eliminate the chances of getting a hostile message by going in their account settings in the console itself, or the PS Messages App. Then visit account management, and change the privacy settings so messages are either switched completely off, or limited to friends only.

Sony has been reached for comment. The company may likely address this issue with a software update. Protecting yourself is relatively easy in the meantime. There’s no doubting that the consequences are serious. Most smartphone related bugs are troublesome, but won’t necessarily prevent users from using other applications on their device. But in this case, a prankster is rendering your PS4 inoperable very effectively, until you go through some painstaking troubleshooting steps.

To rebuild the PS4 database, a harmless procedure, start your PS4 in safe mode by holding down the power button until you hear a second beep. Then, select option five.

Featured Image Credit: CC/Flickr/BagoGames

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