Advanced Discord Bot 1

Discord bots that contain up to 12 Twitter keywords/hashtags, plus product bots keywords/hashtags such as eBay and Amazon, plus YouTube and Vimeo bots from keywords/hashtags. 12 Keywords limit. The same keywords can be used across all bots. Customer supplies webhooks with labels for which Discord bot channels. Customer supplies logo to use for bots avatars and avatar names they want for the bots. Up to 25 banned words included.

email after subscribing, include labeled webhooks, attached and labeled logo images, Twitter keywords/hashtags to use, eBay keywords/hashtags, YouTube and Vimeo hashtags/keywords. Up to 25 banned words that the bots should not search for.

Subscription price:

  • $15 one-time setup fee.
  • $100 6 months recurring subscription.

Subscribe with PayPal (No PayPal account required when using debit/credit card only):