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Murder charges filed against James Craig, a dentist, accused of killing his wife by administering arsenic protein shakes.

Charged with the murder of his wife, the Colorado dentist who allegedly poisoned her protein shakes appeared in court on Thursday wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles.

Upon entering the courtroom, James Toliver Craig, aged 45, appeared downcast while donning his jail attire issued by the Arapahoe County Detention Center.

The police have stated that he is being charged with the alleged poisoning of his 43-year-old wife, Angela, using mixtures containing arsenic and potassium cyanide.

Appearing in court, James Craig was seen wearing an orange jumpsuit and restrained in shackles.


Following reports that the Mormon father of six had been engaging in an extramarital affair with Austin-based orthodontist Karen Cain while poisoning his wife, she visited him in the hospital while his spouse was ill. The individual in question made an appearance one day after these allegations were revealed.

The police reported that a flight was bought for Cain’s visit on March 4, 2023, coinciding with the delivery date of arsenic to James’ residence.

Despite numerous attempts by The Post to contact Cain in regards to the allegations, she has not provided any response.

There are allegations that James Craig attempted to poison his spouse using potassium cyanide.


A warrant for Craig’s arrest details an alleged incident where he tried to poison his spouse.

According to reports, Angela Craig’s sister revealed to investigators that her brother-in-law had drugged her about five to six years ago. The suspected drug used was unknown, and it was allegedly intended for James Craig to use to end his life through a lethal injection in their bathroom.

Within the arrest warrant, law enforcement highlighted a text message conversation between Angela and James from March of 2023 when Angela was feeling unwell. Angela’s message read: “I feel drugged.”

It has been reported that James Craig was engaged in a romantic relationship with an orthodontist based in Texas.


The document states that James informed Angela that he had administered drugs to her in order to prevent her from finding him or rescuing him. This would provide the lethal drugs with enough time to take effect and end his life.

Reportedly, Craig answered his spouse by saying: “Considering our past, I realize that must be a cause for concern. I want to clarify that I did not administer any drugs to you.”

According to police, Angela’s sister reported that the couple’s marriage was consistently tumultuous and included James’ alleged addiction to pornography and multiple affairs with several women.

According to reports, Karen Cain, the alleged lover of James Craig, visited him while his wife was hospitalized.


After getting wind of a questionable package containing potassium cyanide that James had sent to his dental practice, Craig’s business partner alerted the police.

After the package was mistakenly opened by the office manager, Craig’s partner was promptly notified.

On March 18th, law enforcement confirmed that Angela Craig was declared brain-dead. Subsequently, James was taken into custody on Sunday.

On the day arsenic was delivered to Craig’s house, Karin Cain bought a flight to go visit him.

NY Post

Without bond, Craig has been charged with first-degree murder and ordered to be held.

The news is that on April 7, he is expected to return to court as he allegedly relinquished his right to a preliminary hearing.

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