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Florida man arrested for secretly spy cam recording men in the ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ cafe’s restroom

(The AEGIS Alliance) – According to reports, a Florida man has been taken into custody for reportedly installing a camera in the men’s restroom of a local coffee shop named “We Spy Coffee & More” to secretly record the people using the facilities.

Spyridon Voulgarakis, an employee and business partner of “We Spy Coffee & More,” was arrested by Tarpon Springs Police Department on March 11 for video voyeurism and battery.

The incident occurred at a coffee shop on Dodecanese Boulevard when a man found out that he was being recorded while using the bathroom by a camera placed under the sink.

After the victim confronted Voulgarakis, he was identified by the police and subsequently admitted to placing the camera and recording not only the victim but also other men who used the restroom.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing, and authorities urge anyone who frequented the coffee shop’s men’s restroom since February 13, 2023, and feels like they may be a victim to come forward and contact Detective Melton at 727-938-2849.

It is a serious offense to violate someone’s privacy and record them without their consent. Authorities said the identities of the victims are to remain confidential.

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