Texas man sentenced for child sex crimes committed while he was an assistant police chief

(The AEGIS Alliance) – An ex-policeman from Texas was given a 20-year jail term on Monday for committing sexual offenses against minors that date back to the 1990s.

59-year-old Norman Wilkerson admitted to guilt for committing first-degree sexual assault against a minor and three counts of second-degree sexual assault against minors on Monday. The offenses took place between 1998 and 2004 and involved children aged between 10 and 16. This information was made public by authorities on Wednesday.

Norman Wilkerson received a 20-year sentence for each count, all of which will run simultaneously. At the time the charges were brought against him, Wilkerson was serving as the assistant chief of police at the Cut and Shoot Police Department located 45 miles north of Houston. This information was confirmed by authorities.

According to FOX Houston, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon stated that “I suspect this man thought he would never be accountable for his crimes, but justice, though it came slowly, came with certainty. I suspect he also believed that his position in law enforcement would somehow protect him, but now he knows that no occupation of any kind will ever excuse the execution of justice when it arrives.”

The investigation into Wilkerson’s actions was initiated after an anonymous letter was received by some law enforcement agencies, which reported the abuse. A detective from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was able to locate victims residing in different parts of the country who confirmed the sexual abuse, according to Ligon.

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Following Wilkerson’s charges, more victims came forward to report their experiences.

Prosecutor Lisa Stewart stated that “For decades, these victims wondered if a police officer in such a position of power would ever pay for what he did to them as children. Now, as they described, they can finally live their lives free of the fear that he will be hurting more children.” 

There were victims present on January 26th when Wilkerson entered a guilty plea for the charges against him, according to the office of Ligon.

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