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Exonerated US man buys his mother a home after she sold hers to pay his legal bills

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Greg Kelley, who was wrongfully convicted in Texas, recently bought his mother a new home as a sign of gratitude for her support during his legal battle. His mother had sold her previous home to help pay for Greg’s legal bills, according to the local news outlet Austin-American Statesman.

Greg Kelley was accused of molesting a four-year-old boy at an in-home daycare in Williamson county, north of Austin. Despite maintaining his innocence, he was found guilty in 2014 and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Kelley, who was 27 years old, was freed from prison in 2017 due to a judge’s ruling that a problematic police investigation violated his right to a fair trial as guaranteed by the constitution. The state appeals court later overturned his conviction entirely after discovering two potential suspects, including his friend who was reported to have confessed to molesting the boy to multiple trustworthy witnesses, as noted by the National Registry of Exonerations at the University of Michigan.

Greg Kelley sued the authorities involved in his case and reached a settlement out of court. He used part of the settlement money to buy a 1.3-acre property for his mother, which includes a mobile home, a pasture, and two Spanish goats.

Rosa Kelley had been living in apartments or with family members since selling her previous home. When her son revealed the new property was hers, she cried and hugged him.

Greg Kelley is among over 3,200 people in the US who have been exonerated since 1989, according to the National Registry of Exonerations. He is now taking classes at the University of Texas and running a business that makes targets for ax throwing.

Greg Kelley’s goal after his release from prison was to repay his mother’s sacrifice, which was why he bought her a new home. He is also planning to build an office for his business on the property to be close to her.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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