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Texas man Kameron Gammage charged with murdering infant son

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A father in Texas who has been dealing with “extreme anger issues” was apprehended by authorities for the alleged murder of his infant baby boy after the youthful child was discovered lifeless along with head traumas in a feces-infested Odessa apartment on Tuesday.

23-year-old Kameron Gammage is facing a capital murder charge, and the age 18 mom named Leyla Pierson was implicated in not looking to get medical care for the young seven-month-old baby that suffered hefty bruising as well as swelling on his face and scalp, an arrest affidavit summary available publicly online reveals.

At first, Gammage said to detectives that the child had experienced the fatal traumas after striking his head on a portion of his baby crib’s inner parts, authorities pointed out.

He at that point confessed that he’d “accidentally” dropped the infant while tossing him up and down to stop his crying, afterward, he and Pierson went and smoked some weed on Saturday, the sworn statement pointed out.

Gammage “remained unemotional and seemed to lack care about the incident throughout the contact,” detectives noted.

The parents failed to look for medical attention for days and also the severely wounded kid started to become “fussy” prior to his death, police officers stated.

Pierson said to police officers she discovered the infant unresponsive on Tuesday, then “frantically” made an effort to wake up Gammage, only to discover him relatively “uncaring,” the arrest report indicates.

The mother mentioned her partner has “extreme anger issues and has recently killed several dogs by strangulation,” which Gammage acknowledged, the record stated.

The infanticide suspect at that point disclosed he had an anger issue and informed police he had actually been worried by his boy’s crying, authorities said.

Officers that replied to a 911 phone call located the family’s apartment evidently covered in pet dog waste matter that the couple apparently made an effort to quickly clean prior to police arriving on the scene.

Gammage faces life behind bars and Pierson faces 2 years in prison if found guilty, Law & Crime reported.

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