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St. Louis man shoots, kills robbery suspect while at gas station for bathroom break

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Local authorities stated that a man, age 26, had been going around town on a “violent crime spree” and targeted a number of gasoline stations in St. Charles, Missouri early in the morning on Saturday when a customer who was taking a restroom break at a third station shot and killed the violent suspect in the act.

The St. Charles Police Department stated they had already launched an investigation into an armed robbery at one gas station as well as a break-in at one more when they got reports of shots being fired at a Quik Trip location approximately 22 miles outside of St. Louis.

“Police Officers arrived to discover the suspect had been shot by a citizen during the armed robbery. The suspect was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased,” Cops in St. Charles pointed out on Facebook.

Authorities mentioned the citizen in question was a 26-year-old male coming from St. Louis, who said to the cops that he stopped at the gasoline station to make use of the restroom and buy a product in the establishment. The guy informed police officers that after he left to come back to his vehicle he observed a black sport utility vehicle pull up in front of the establishment, with the suspicious-looking man exiting and then entering the shop while holding a bag. The guy mentioned he at that point noticed the suspect drag a woman worker to the front counter while holding a knife up to her neck.

“The witness retrieved his 9mm handgun, entered the store, and confronted the suspect,” cops stated. “The suspect grabbed his backpack and told the witness, ‘I have something for you.’ The suspect then comes from around the counter and approached the witness who fired several times at the suspect who fell to the floor.”

The witness as well as the employee both called 911. When cops showed up, they discovered that the black SUV had actually been reported stolen this past Friday. Inside the automobile were products they strongly believed were stolen from the second filling station.

A black SUV had likewise been reported in the area when the first gas station had been robbed. During that break-in, the suspect was stated to have held a blade to an employee’s neck while she cleared the sales register prior to him entering the automobile and fleeing the scene.

The cops didn’t promptly release the identity of the suspect and stated there is still an ongoing investigation into the case.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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