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California teacher arrested for sexually abusing male student over 6-year period

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A middle school teacher, age 52, was apprehended by authorities this past week for the apparent sexual abuse of a student that went on for six years.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into the abuse on Thursday, January 13 following an age 18 man revealing he’d been sexually abused during the ages of 12 through 17 by a middle school teacher working at the Clement Middle School in Redlands named Joseph Nardella.

The victim was apparently a student during the time of the abuse, the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

Nardella was placed on administrative leave.

The Sheriff’s Office apprehended Nardella and jailed him in the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino for continuous sexual abuse of a minor below 14 years old. He continues to be held on a $350,000 bond.

The Sheriff’s Office said detectives think there could be additional victims.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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