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California woman broke into house, changed locks and said she and kids lived there

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A woman in California was jailed after she broke into a complete stranger’s house and afterward said to police that she lived there.

The occurrence took place in the San Diego suburban area of Coronado on Thursday night.

The Coronado Police Department pointed out that they got a 911 call coming from a woman who had been out-of-town professing to be the actual property owner. The caller mentioned that a close-by family member had apparently observed “suspicious activity” at the home, consisting of lights inside being turned on and off.

When the cops arrived at the residence, CPD stated they located a damaged front door lock in addition to “metal shavings on the ground and pieces of the old lock.” Some doors at the rear of the home were apparently open, making it possible for cops to notice that the fireplace was lit aflame. Officers could also hear loud music playing.

The 911 caller informed authorities that no one was expected to be in her house while she had been away and also she hadn’t asked for lock changes. A nearby neighbor provided the cops with a spare key to the residence, however, it wouldn’t work with the damaged lock.

After searching, even more, police stated the cops managed to see a person walking on the 2nd floor. At that point, CPD requested backup as well as a police response chopper, along with the San Diego Police Department, and a K-9 unit promptly showed up.

After getting ordered to step outside the residence, CPD managed to arrest the age 43 woman who has not been identified without any further incident.

When police questioned the woman, she claimed that the home was her property and there were a pair of kids inside the home.

The cops stood by to send out K-9 units into the house in concern that they might injure any children inside. But, after the residence was searched, no kids or any other individual was discovered inside.

The woman explained that she had contacted a locksmith professional earlier that day to change the front door lock. However, the cops refused to believe her, then the woman was apprehended and jailed. She is now facing a burglary charge.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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