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German man allegedly killed wife then started search party to find her

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A woman’s hubby who was jealous is implicated in suffocating his wife until she died in Germany and managing to organize a bogus search party with her sister and their kids.

The implicated husband whose identity has been revealed as being age 27 Patrick S., purportedly murdered his ex-model wife earlier in 2021 after she informed him she intended to break up with him, German media Bild reported.

The partner who confessed he was very jealous, said to police he and his wife, determined to be age 27 Jennifer S., had been dealing with marriage troubles.

He stated Jennifer provided him with one more chance the day prior to her being murdered when he informed her “he wanted to change.”

On February 27 of 2021, he purportedly strangled her until she died using his bare hands. He at that point texted his spouse’s sister with her phone that she intended to take a stroll around Rhine River in the afternoon that day, where the phony search started, prosecutors pointed out.

Her body was ultimately discovered near the couple’s condo in Biebesheim am Rhein, and also the hubby was apprehended the following day.

Prosecutors apparently asserted that “because he could not have her, no one else should.”

The pair has a record that involves violent domestic abuse as well as marriage problems prior to the wife’s murder.

On January 8 of 2020, the hubby wore a mask and posed as an intruder, then “broke into” the pair’s residence where he stabbed her two times with a home kitchen knife while their son watched, who at that point was just 5 years of age.

Those charges had been dropped when she refused to give testimony. She additionally said to the responding ambulance employees she had realized the assailant was Patrick.

The husband, who is an expert painter, continued to be quiet throughout his Tuesday appearance in court.

Patrick S. is officially facing charges of murder as well as dangerous bodily harm.

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