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Maryland man fatally shot pharmacist brother to stop him from administering COVID vaccines to people

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A man in Maryland fatally shot his pharmacist brother due to the fact that he had been administering COVID vaccinations, police say.

Police pointed out that on September 30, 46-year-old Jeffrey Burnham fired a fatal gunshot at his brother Brian Robinette due to the fact that he believed Robinette was actually “killing people” with the vaccination, according to the Baltimore Sun. Burnham has likewise been implicated in the murders of a couple of other people that include Robinette’s wife named Kelly Sue Robinette, as well as his mom’s good friend, Rebecca Reynolds.

The mother named Evelyn Burnham informed authorities that her son stated, “Brian knows something,” a number of times during the days leading up to Brian Robinette’s tragic death and claimed Brian was actually poisoning folks with the vaccination.

Another guy informed the police that Jeffrey Burnham had stopped him in Cumberland city and sought gasoline. The informant remains unidentified, and stated Burnham discussed that his brother was actually “killing people with the COVID shot.”

Police say that Burham killed age 83, Rebecca Reynolds, his mother’s good friend, by stabbing her until she died on September 29 while at her house in Cumberland, at around midway in between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. in the slimmest area on the map of Maryland.

Authorities stated he at that point took a trip to Ellicott City, located around one hundred miles east in the West Baltimore suburban areas, and then shot 58-year-old Brian Robinette to death, along with 57-year-old Kelly Sue Robinette. When authorities discovered the victim’s bodies it resulted in a region-wide manhunt for Burnham. Authorities caught and arrested him on October 1 in northeast West Virginia.

Before the murders happened, Evelyn Burnham had contacted the Cumberland police department two times this past week to share her worries regarding Jeffrey’s psychological health and wellness. Burnham is currently locked up behind bars with no bond in Allegany County where Cumberland is located.

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