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French Catholic Church sexually abused as many as an estimated 330,000 children

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Clergy members of the French Catholic Church have sexually abused greater than 200,000 to as much as an estimated 330,000 children spanning throughout the last 70 years, the results of a significant probe released on Tuesday revealed, and also its authors implicated the Catholic Church in disregarding abuse allegations for far too long.

The Catholic Church in France had displayed “deep, total and even cruel indifference for years,” shielding itself instead of the victims of what was widespread abuse, Jean-Marc Sauve noted, head of the commission which put together the report.

Nearly all of the victims had been boys, Sauve mentioned, a lot of them between the ages of 10 and 13. The church did not take the needed actions to stop abuse yet likewise neglected to disclose it and occasionally purposefully placed kids in contact with predators, he pointed out.

The revelations in France are the most recent to have shaken the Roman Catholic Church following a list of sexual abuse scandals worldwide, typically involving youngsters over the last two decades.

French Catholic bishops set up the commission near the end of 2018 to clarify abuses as well as repair public peace of mind in the church during a time of diminishing churchgoers. It has functioned separately from the Church.

Sauve, talking at a public, internet presentation of the report, pointed out that the concern was actually still happening. He included that the church had up until the 2000s presented total indifference to victims which had only begun to actually transform its own mindset in 2015 and 2016.

Following Sauve’s speech, Eric de Moulins-Beaufort spoke, who is the head of the French conference of bishops, he claimed that the Church was shamed. He sought mercy and vowed to take action.

The Catholic Church’s teaching on topics including sexuality, behavior training, and the sacredness of the priesthood assisted the created unseen areas that made it possible for sexual abuse by local clergies to occur, Sauve mentioned, incorporating that the church needed to reform itself with the way it approached those problems to restore its trust from society.

Sauve stated the commission itself had pinpointed about 2,700 victims by means of calls for testimony, as well as an additional 1000s more that had been discovered in church archives.

But comprehensive research during the investigation and polling groups approximated that there had actually been about 216,000 victims, and the amount could potentially increase to 330,000 when abuse by lay members is included.

About 2,900-3,200 French Church clergy members have been suspected of being pedophiles over the past 70 years, Sauve stated.

Francois Devaux, a victim of church abuse, who is also the founder of a victims’ association called La Parole Liberee, informed representatives of the church at the report’s presentation, “You are a disgrace to our humanity.

“In this hell, there have been abominable mass crimes … but there has been even worse, betrayal of trust, betrayal of morale, betrayal of children,” Devaux stated, additionally implicating the Church in cowardliness.

He gave thanks to the commission, mentioning he really hopes the report will assure a transformation in the church, “You finally bring victims an institutional recognition of the responsibility of the Church.”

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