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Drunk man who was reported missing spent hours with a search party looking for himself

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A construction worker in Turkey who was intoxicated on alcohol that was reported missing went along with a search party for hours trying to find himself last week on Tuesday.

The family members of 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu apparently ended up being worried following the man failing to come back to his residence after a fun night of alcohol consumption that he indulged with his pals in the city of Inegöl located in the Bursa province of Turkey, according to The Times.

The wife of Beyhan Mutlu hadn’t been able to reach him on his mobile phone, then authorities had been told his buddies lost track of him after he drunkenly wandered off into a woodland, Turkish media Daily Sabah pointed out.

A search party was formed to look for him, and at some point, Beyhan Mutlu joined in with the volunteers in their search through the forest.

While the search was ongoing that lasted for hours in nighttime darkness, a prospective rescuer yelled out Mutlu’s name. Then, at that point, Mutlu came to the realization that the search party had actually been trying to find him. “Who are we looking for? I am here,” he apparently told the rescuers.

Mutlu mentioned to local media that there was “really was no need” for his pals to file a missing person report.

“Basically, I’m paying for my friends’ mistakes,” he mentioned. “What happened is all like a joke.”

Later on, officials provided Mutlu with a drive back to his house after filing a police statement.

A comparable case happened in 2012 in Iceland. An Asian tourist that had a missing person report out for her was located within a search party after she fell short of identifying herself from the description of herself.

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