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Michigan man found dead on beach with winning $45,000 lottery ticket in wallet

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A Michigan man was found dead prior to him potentially being able to claim his $45,000 winning lotto ticket discovered inside his wallet.

The last time Greg Jarvis had been seen still alive was on September 19 while he was staying the night at the Bluewater Ridge Inn in the city of Casewater purchasing rounds of alcoholic beverages for his pals at the bar, according to what Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek said to WJRT-TV on Thursday. A local found Jarvis’ body under one week later located at a private beachfront in Saginaw Bay on the morning of September 24.

“We are thinking that he was tying up his boat, slipped and fell, hit his head, and that’s where he ended up in the water,” Chief Romzek pointed out. “No foul play suspected.”

Before Jarvis had died, he won a large prize while playing Club Keno, which is a type of lottery game in Michigan, proprietor Dawn Talaski said. Jarvis was not able to receive his $45,000 in prize money, nevertheless, given that his social security card that is needed to acquire the prize, was in bad condition.

He sought a brand new one, however, it hadn’t yet come in the mail at the time.

Michigan Lottery Commission guidelines indicate that prize winners of money greater than $600 need to provide a photo identity card as well as their social security card to receive their payouts.

Authorities pointed out that Jarvis still had his winning ticket in his possession at the time his lifeless body had been discovered. At some point, it was handed over to his family members.

“He was planning to take that money and go see his sister and his dad in North Carolina,” Talaski mentioned.

Chief Romzek took note that upon discovering information about the winning ticket, authorities additionally looked into it to make sure there had been no dubious intent responsible for Jarvis’ terrible death.

“At first, we were concerned about it but after the autopsy, and we interviewed people at the bar, he was well-liked around here, he was a nice guy, that took it off the table,” Police Chief Romzek said.

Jarvis’ autopsy showed he suffered trauma to his head and inevitably drowned.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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