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Oklahoma dad tackled local pastor when he saw him inappropriately touching age 9 boy at bus stop

(The AEGIS Alliance) – An Oklahoma City dad tackled a neighborhood pastor that was observed inappropriately touching his young son at a local bus stop and left the suspect beaten and bruised with a cracked skull as well as a bloody and grisly mugshot.

“There are hardly any words that are camera appropriate,” Lisa Ward, a witness, mentioned regarding the incident. “It’s just sickening.”

Cops in Oklahoma City apprehended the male suspect named Michael Coghill on Wednesday, following him being recorded on a digital camera inappropriately touching a young boy, age 9, at a bus stop, then the boy’s dad confronted Coghill, NEWS 9 reported. The cops, having said that, were not able to verify if the man who confronted Coghill was actually the boy’s father, because of the Open Records Act.

Locals pointed out that Coghill is a neighborhood pastor.

The child informed authorities that Coghill would typically be jogging nearby the bus stop and had visited the location more than once, authorities said.

The boy stated Coghill had gone to the bus stop on Monday and began inappropriately touching him in a manner that caused him to feel uncomfortable. The young boy additionally informed his parents concerning the incident on Monday, and the dad went along with the young boy to the bus stop on Wednesday.

“He knew the time he would be there every day,” Lisa Ward said of Coghill “That was the hardest part, the most disgusting part.”

The victim’s dad waited in his vehicle standing by to find out if Coghill will show up at the scene and inappropriately touch the kid. While the child was making his way over to the bus stop, Coghill stopped jogging and moved toward the young boy, police said.

“While he was watching the school bus stop, our suspect ran by him, ran past the bus stop where the children were waiting. Turned around, came back, and stopped where he touched the child,” Oklahoma City Police Department Sergeant Dillon Quirk pointed out.

Coghill had been observed putting his hand on the child’s side, prior to him moving his hand onto the young boy. The dad video recorded the occurrence, which he provided to the cops, then went ahead and tackled Coghill to the ground, according to OKC FOX.

Coghill’s skull fractured from being tackled and the bone of his eye socket cracked on the left side of his face.

“He was in the cop car all bloody,” Lisa Ward mentioned.

The Lakehoma Church of Christ where Michael Coghill is a pastor released a statement that condemns the abuse.

“We were heartbroken to learn of the incident involving one of our adult ministers, and our hearts go out to the child and family involved. We were shocked at this news as he had a clean background check, and we have received no reports or claims against him during his tenure. Church leadership has no tolerance for any type of abuse and is meeting tonight to discuss the next steps. We will cooperate with authorities as needed,” the church stated.

Michael Coghill is presently locked up at the Oklahoma County Detention Center on one count of lewd acts against a child.

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