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Drunk man high on meth unintentionally breaks into California jail, gets arrested

(The AEGIS Alliance) – This definitely made things much easier for the cops.

A man in northern California undoubtedly high on meth is implicated in unintentionally breaking into jail in Redwood City this past week, the San Mateo Daily Journal initially reported.

The unusual jailbreak-in took place when Moises Dona Robles apparently climbed up some fencing and went into a second-floor outdoor patio area that leads to the inside of the jail. Robles asserted he was actually looking to escape an unknown individual who had a firearm.

The age 35 male suspect, that apparently acknowledged he’d likewise been consuming alcohol, stated he was not aware he’d slipped right into the Maple Street Correctional Center.

A cop that found Robles in an entrance hall initially assumed he had been a prisoner. At some point, the officer realized the stranger had been wearing street clothing, then after asking the man a few questions, the officer arrested Robles and turned him into a jail inmate.

Moises Dona Robles gave a not guilty plea to a couple of misdemeanor charges on Wednesday. Robles is expected to appear in court again by the end of November.

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