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Massachusetts officer fired after using database to look up ex-girlfriends, prospective dates

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A cop in Lanesborough, Massachusetts got fired from the force after the department’s chief found out the cop broke state law by searching for women on a criminal justice database with no legitimate reason.

Brennan Polidoro got fired from the force this year in the spring following the Lanesborough Police Chief at the time, Timothy Sorrell discovered a pattern of inappropriate surveillance that he considered to be harassment as well as stalking, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

An investigation uncovered that Polidoro’s women targets that he had present or prior relationships with, or even women he desired to take out on a date.

Sorrell’s probe created a 58-page report that covers Polidoro’s activities from July 7, 2020, through February 20, 2021. Despite months with the force prior to him retiring, Sorrell is uncertain if he completely mapped out the magnitude of Polidoro’s potential resource misusage.

“Once we found out there was an issue, we dealt with it,” Sorrell pointed out. “If he’s a dirty cop, he’s going down. It’s all about public trust. I did the best for my agency and recommended to the Select Board that he be terminated — and he was terminated.”

Polidoro’s lawyer, Terence Coles, mentioned his client has filed for an appeal concerning his firing.

“He has filed a grievance pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement which provides that officers may only be terminated for just cause,” Coles stated in a response to Berkshire Eagle’s comment request. “Officer Polidoro’s grievance alleges that the town did not have just cause to terminate him.”

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