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Florida woman Melissa Doss charged with keeping autistic child in metal cage

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A Florida woman got apprehended after she purportedly kept an autistic kid she was supposed to be caring for locked inside a cage made out of metal and wood.

43-year-old Melissa Doss got caught on Sunday after cops as well as a Florida Department of Children and Families employee uncovered the homemade unit within the bedroom of her Palm Bay residence, police told the Orlando Sentinel.

Authorities discovered a blanket and pillow in the cage, Doss said she was keeping the autistic young girl in the cage every evening for her protection and also to avoid her from fleeing.

The stunning finding was made one day following cops discovering the young girl roaming around in the front yard of a nearby house.

The girl had the ability to lead the cops back to the home. After police arrived, Doss declined to allow authorities inside and said the young girl ran away from the home without her knowledge.

When the police came back the following day, Doss at some point allowed the cops inside.

Police pointed out Doss additionally resided in impoverishment, with trash covering the floorings and a bug infestation in the home.

Inside the home of Florida woman Melissa Doss.

Melissa Doss is facing charges, including 3 counts of child neglect without bodily injury, as well as aggravated child abuse, and aggravated assault.

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