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Police: Connecticut landlord caught on camera sniffing tenant woman’s and her daughter’s panties

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A landlord in Connecticut has been criminally charged after the cops stated he had been observed in surveillance footage illegally entering a renter’s residence to take a whiff of and smell the woman’s panties.

On Thursday, police apprehended 38-year-old Jorge Orellana-Arias on a burglary charge after investigating a set of purported home burglaries at the East Haven victim’s residence. The lady informed police officers that the suspect’s unwarranted and distressing visits started months earlier.

She initially headed to the authorities back near the beginning of May to report that her property owner had entered into her as well as her little girl’s bedroom when nobody was at the residence, and then checked out their clothes, including both of their panties, police informed the Hartford Courant. The lady chose to fortify a number of her doors as the police looked into the accusations, however, that was actually insufficient to prevent the purported pervert.

Orellana-Arias discovered a way he could slip into the property via a side door, compelling the woman victim to make an effort using a different strategy, authorities pointed out. She made a decision to install hidden video cameras at areas in the property to catch him red-handed, the Hartford Courant reported.

“She stated that the camera caught Orellana-Arias entering her apartment through a side door, before proceeding to both bedrooms where he would locate female underwear,” police pointed out. “The video, which was provided to officers shows Orellana-Arias bringing female garments to his nose, apparently in an effort to sniff them.”

The implicated panty-sniffing pervert paid his $25,000 bail amount and was released from jail. Jorge Orellana-Arias is expected to face a judge in a courtroom in September.

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