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Alabama cop was still on payroll for two months after he was convicted of murder

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A cop in Alabama that stayed on his city’s payroll for 2 months following his murder conviction has finally resigned from his position at the Huntsville police department.

Officer William Darby left of his own doing, the city stated on Friday. He had actually continued to be on a paid leave of absence even after his May 7 conviction for firing gunshots at a suicidal man that was aiming a firearm at his own head.

The city pointed out that putting Darby on a paid leave of absence had been typical until its employee policies and procedures could be finished. Huntsville’s Republican mayor, as well as its police chief, openly differed with the court’s murder judgment.

An attorney for the family members of victim Jeffery Parker pointed out that permitting Darby to resign as opposed to him being terminated either promptly after the 2018 murder or following his murder judgment was actually inappropriate as well as “a bizarre and unnecessary distraction”.

“The Parker family is looking forward to proceeding in the civil case and with the goal of holding Darby and the city of Huntsville responsible,” lawyer Martin Weinberg stated.

Huntsville authorities did not provide any kind of added information on Darby resigning. He is out on a $100,000 bond as he awaits his sentencing on August 20. Prosecutors mentioned he is facing two decades to life behind bars.

Darby fired the fatal shots at Parker moments after he joined 2 other cops that had arrived at the scene on a 911 call coming from the man, who stated he was armed and intended to commit suicide.

One of the cops, given that he left the department, attested that Parker had been distressed and was speaking with her and posed no urgent danger even with the gun he held to his head.

Jurors refused Darby’s claims of defense that the shooting had been justified. A defense lawyer claimed Darby is expected to appeal.

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