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Cops: Oklahoma woman ran over husband with ATV after he asked for divorce

(The AEGIS Alliance) – In sickness and in health turned into a bit of chaos for a married couple in Oklahoma.

35-year-old Chanelle Lewis is facing charges of murdering her hubby after she ran the guy over using an ATV following both of them purportedly getting into a physical fight concerning meals, Pottawatomie County Undersheriff J.T. Palmer said.

Lewis’ stepson, Christian Cornett, informed KFOR that his stepmom and father, Christopher Lewis, went to a camping site prior to the pair beginning to argue over food items not long before the fight intensified and Christopher claimed he really wanted to get divorced.

At that point, Lewis purportedly climbed up into the ATV, floored it on the gas, and targeted Christopher to run him over.

Christian Cornett asserts that Chanelle Lewis additionally made an effort to run over him and also his teen sister, whereupon Christian punched her in her face.

“The first one that we’ve ever had where somebody intentionally ran somebody over,” Palmer stated.

“That little girl was screaming saying her dad was dead!” A 911 caller told dispatch from Soggy Bottoms ATV Trails. “Somebody ran her dad over and said he was dead out on one of our trails.”

Her black eye is apparent in the mugshot. “There was some alcohol involved,” the undersheriff mentioned.

“He was a great man and would help anyone in need,” Cornett informed KFOR regarding his dad. “I have 1,000 brothers because he was a father figure to everyone.”

The charges Lewis is facing have been upgraded from manslaughter up to second-degree murder as of Wednesday, KFOR wrote.

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