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Naked and hostile Florida woman stranger found swimming in Florida man’s pool

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A Florida man, age 69, returning home from a mid-day physician’s visit was shocked to discover scattered clothes around his residence as well as a naked lady going swimming in his swimming pool.

The Florida woman has been identified as Heather A. Kennedy. The “hostile” skinny-dipper woman did not intend to get out of the pool, according to a report by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

“Deputies requested for the suspect to get dressed and to step out of the pool several times,” cops said about the incident that happened in Port Charlotte. “Once dressed, deputies attempted to detain the suspect who proceeded to resist, pulling away and alerting them she would not be going anywhere.”

Following the woman being taken to the Charlotte County Jail, the woman, age 42, purportedly declined to provide her identification prior to being charged with criminal trespass as well as resisting arrest without physical violence.

The Smoking Gun states that Kennedy, that is a resident 2 miles away from the swimming pool that she was going for a swim in, had been found guilty previously this year on a felony narcotics charge as well as a misdemeanor count of possessing drug paraphernalia. She apparently said to authorities that pills found in the course of the traffic stop resulting in her apprehension came from “Crackhead Chris.”

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