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MMA veteran Travis Fulton hangs himself after pleading guilty to child porn

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Mixed Martial Arts fighter veteran Travis Jon Fulton was found dead after he hung himself in an Iowa jail cell just hours following his guilty plea to the sexual exploitation of a child to produce child porn.

The aged 44 fighter, referred to as “The Ironman” was discovered lifeless right before 4 a.m. Saturday by jail wardens while they made regular checks at Linn County Correctional Center in Cedar Rapids, according to the sheriff’s office.

Fulton had been “believed to have hung himself,” sheriff’s pointed out in news release, stating he was at some point declared dead in a nearby medical center after workers’ efforts to revive him.

Fulton had been jailed since February 19 after being charged with making a pair of underage girls participate in sex-related actions that he took photos of over several years since 2013.

Fulton had given a guilty plea on Friday to 2 of the 4 charges he was facing, which includes the sexual exploitation of a minor as well as possession of child porn.

The initial charge he confessed to had been for “using, persuading, inducing, and enticing” a child under the age of 18 “to engage in explicit conduct” for “a visual depiction.”

Fulton additionally confessed to “visual depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, including a depiction involving a prepubescent minor or a minor who had not attained 12 years of age.”

The child abuses went back to around 2013, the charges pointed out. Following Fulton pleading guilty, a federal judge canceled the plea hearing trial date that was scheduled for July 23.

In a separate charge, Fulton was additionally expected to face a trial later on in 2021 for assaulting a woman back in September of 2019 through which the female victim “sustained fractures to her jaw, nose, and palate,” The Gazette reported.

“The victim was afraid to talk to police, but her family members reported she said the defendant punched her in the head and back repeatedly,” a criminal grievance explained.

“He threatened to kill the victim and her family if she ever talked to the police,” the charges, in that case, pointed out.

“The defendant is a self-proclaimed professional fighter, with a twenty-year career, and the ability to do serious bodily injury with his hands,” the document took note.

Travis Jon Fulton acquired the nickname of “Ironman” for having held a record of engaging in 319 fights, consisting of two in the very early years of the UFC. Fulton won 255 of those fights, yet hadn’t officially stepped into the ring since April of 2019, MMA site Sherdog shows.

Linn County Sheriff’s Office stated that Fulton’s suicide death had been part of an investigation that is ongoing.

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