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Baltimore cop accused of hiding teen stepson’s remains behind wall in his home

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A cop in Baltimore is implicated in hiding the corpse of his teenage stepson, whose body had been found stashed behind a wall at his residence in Maryland this past week.

Last Tuesday, police discovered the aged 15 boy Dasan Jones’ body, following Eric Glen Banks Jr., who’d been with the Baltimore Police Department for three years, granting authorities the permission to search his property in Anne Arundel County, according to the Baltimore Sun. The teenage boy’s mom had submitted an order of protection against Banks that same day, which was her second try in less than a month.

Later on that same day in the afternoon, the worried mom had gotten in touch with the cops, informing them she would like to go get her teenage son from Banks’ residence, yet was unable to contact her teenage boy. Police arrived at the property at about 4:40 p.m on Tuesday, where they uncovered an opening in the wall surface that was being hidden by a white sheet over it on the top floor of the home.

Banks originally said to police that it was just a safe he stored guns in, however, a simple search revealed Dasan’s remains, a popular student involved in magnets, and an accomplished violin player who had been attending Glen Burnie High School. The cause of his death continued to be investigated by the state medical examiner’s office, Anne Arundel cops pointed out.

Police promptly arrested Banks that subsequently begged to embrace his children and also at some point tried to take hold of a police officer’s firearm, and told the cop he’d “have to end this.” He is dealing with fees of avoiding detention as well as attack.

Eric Glen Banks Jr., who was already under suspension at the time, was additionally suspended with no pay due to his altercation with fellow cops. It’s unclear when or even why he was originally stripped of his power.

During his initial Thursday court appearance, Judge Danielle Mosley rejected bail for Banks, stating he posed a flight risk as well as a possible danger to himself, his family members, and the local neighborhood.

In a request on June 25 in Anne Arundel District Court, Banks’ wife alleged she was being stalked and suffered from “emotional and mental abuse.” She also noted he possessed 2 guns, one for his job and one he used for recreation. She additionally sought to keep him away from their 3 other sons, 2 of whom are his biological children.

The request was actually rejected only a few days afterward.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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