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Los Angeles County authorities seize $1 billion worth of just some weed in historic takedown

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Holy smokes! That’s a lot of ganja!

Authorities in Los Angeles County seized $1 billion worth of unlawfully grown weed in June, the biggest confiscation of this type in the area, authorities revealed on Wednesday.

The pot was confiscated in the Antelope Valley from illegal grow operations run by the drug cartels in the course of a 10-day sting operation in June, authorities claimed.

The multi-law enforcement agency seizure led to 131 apprehensions and also bagged 373,000 marijuana plants.

The takedown in June put a stop to 205 unlawful grow operations.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office showed part of a cache of confiscated firearms on July 7, 2021. (AP Photo)

Despite the gigantic marijuana seizure, a lot more unlawful grow operations continue to operate in the region that has observed an increase in illegal operations throughout the coronavirus pandemic, authorities pointed out.

Recreational marijuana sales were legalized in California in January of 2018.

California’s legal cannabis market is being impeded due to cartel-run operations, which additionally pose environmental risks.

However, an overwhelming number of economists in 2020 urged the state legislature to lower California’s cannabis tax rate to boost sales and drive out the illicit black market cannabis sales, but the legislature instead raised the cannabis tax, which has resulted in a thriving cannabis black market in the state.

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