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Former Ohio doctor sentenced to 22 years for sex trafficking girls ages 12-15

(The AEGIS Alliance) – On Thursday, a former Youngstown, Ohio doctor was sentenced to 22 years behind bars for sex trafficking 6 underage girls.

Albert Aiad-Toss, age 53, gave a guilty plea in February to 7 counts of sex trafficking of a minor as well as one count of child exploitation following his arrest on July 5, 2019.

Aiad-Toss made use of the Snapchat app “to entice, recruit and patronize six minor female victims” for sex with underage girls. Aiad-Toss gave the girls money, alcoholic drinks, and some items of value, consisting of new clothing, in exchange for sex.

“He specifically budgeted $2,000 per month to be spent on obtaining young girls for sexual exploitation,” authorities stated in a press release.

The encounters took place between June 1 to 29 in 2019. Many of the encounters consisted of more than one of the young girls meeting him all at once at an Ashland County hotel room that was roughly 90 miles away from his house in Youngstown.

The reason he made use of a hotel in a different city was to prevent himself from being found by anybody who knew him. He additionally usually arranged for his victims to make use of a different door at the hotel, rather than the primary entryway, to steer clear of additional discovery.

Surveillance video recordings that detectives acquired on June 15 of 2019, reveals Aiad-Toss inside a hotel with 3 adolescent victims. A picture taken 2 days afterward reveals him being in a car with 3 minor victims.

U.S. District Judge Pamela Barker, that sentenced him on Thursday, said his plan was “disgusting.”

“I don’t understand how you budget $2,000 a month to do this,” Barker informed Aiad-Toss, reported.

“The conduct is reprehensible,” Barker stated, and additionally issued the past emergency-room doctor a $50,000 penalty.

“The sentence today is the culmination of months of hard work by multiple law enforcement agencies to bring this offender to justice,” Christopher Tunnell, Ashland County prosecutor and special assistant U.S. attorney, pointed out.

“We are sending a unified message to anyone perpetrating crimes against our children that no matter who you are, we will bring every resource at our disposal to bear upon you, and you will be made to answer for your crimes,” Tunnell concluded.

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