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Notorious poacher who killed dozens of tigers caught after 20-year hunt

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A notorious poacher thought to have killed a minimum of 70 endangered Bengal tigers has been caught in Bangladesh after a manhunt that went on for 20 years.

Habib Talukder, referred to as Tiger Habib — was ultimately arrested by authorities on Saturday in the South Asian country with the help of a tip, according to the Bangladesh daily Dhaka Tribune.

50-year-old Talukder was captured in a town near the large Sundarbans woodland on the India and Bangladesh border.

The mangrove woodland is home to some of the planet’s biggest populaces of Bengal tigers and had been Talukder’s hunting ground.

Local police chief Saidur Rahman stated the poacher would run away whenever police officers raided the region.

But this time around, “Acting on a tip-off, we finally succeeded and sent him to jail,” Rahman said.

Talukder began by gathering honey coming from the wild in the woodland and also eventually ended up being a regional legend for his exploits hunting the large felines as well as for escaping authorities.

Pelts, bones, and also the flesh of the tigers had been purchased through underground black market traders that sold them in China and also in other places.

“We equally respect him and are scared of him,” area honey gatherer Abdus Salam stated. “He’s a dangerous man who could fight alone with Mama (tiger) inside the forest.”

The Bangladesh Forest Department pointed out that the Bengal tiger populace fell to an all-time low of 106 in 2015 down from 440 in 2004.

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