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Texas Deputy, Dispatcher charged in child sex abuse case after Police Sergeant confesses, commits suicide

A Texas police sergeant admitted to the sexual abuse of underage children as well as confessing that 2 colleagues were involved in the unlawful acts, in the course of a significant standoff with a SWAT team and detectives that ended in the male officer committing suicide, according to a statement by authorities on Friday.

Deputy Robert Johnson, who had been with the Harris County Precinct One in Houston for eight years, fired a gunshot at himself in his head on Wednesday, following him getting into a pursuit with police that received a tip about his abuse through a dispatcher that ended up actually being his accomplice in the abuses.

Dispatcher Christina McKay as well as Deputy Chonda Williams had been apprehended due to their purported roles in the criminal activities and were fired from their jobs, according to Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen’s press release on Friday.

The stunning string of events that resulted in the two being arrested started on May 14, when McKay had been called in for a performance evaluation, Rosen informed the press.

“We pulled her in because we were started to see some performance problems, and we wanted to find out what was going on in her life, what was happening,” Alan Rosen stated. “Initially it seemed like a love triangle thing.”

McKay said to the cops of her direct involvement with Johnson, and also stated he’d been sexually abusing kids.

“And so that’s when we started learning… what she was going through, only for her to make this outcry that there was this problem,” Rosen pointed out.

Police were handed over the case by officials in neighboring Alvin, Texas, where the abuse purportedly took place, and also they coordinated with child protective services to make an effort to question Johnson, who was actually could not be located.

“He never showed up for work at all this week,” Rosen mentioned.

On Wednesday, McKay got in touch with detectives and stated she went to a nearby lake with Johnson that had been armed with guns and also made threats of violence.

“She claimed that she feared for her life and that he was suicidal,” Rosen revealed.

Local and state authorities drove to the lake, then Johnson led them into a pursuit, police officers stated.

Police chased after Johnson onto a bridge, where he had been trapped and he at some point made a complete confession.

“We spoke to Johnson. Internal Affairs Chief Harrison spoke to Johnson for hours, because it was important to us to try to prevent suicide, and to most importantly get every and any and all facts relative to this case that we could get from him,” Rosen pointed out.

“Johnson confessed to everything he had done and he implicated two other employees at this office, Christina McKay and Deputy Chonda Williams,” Rosen added.

Following Robert Johnson making a “thorough confession,” Deputy Johnson pointed the gun at his own head and pulled the trigger, Rosen stated.

“There was just no indication whatsoever that a guy like this had these demons in him,” the constable became emotional while describing.

“He’s going to have to answer to that with his maker. I can’t do anything for him. The only thing I can do is be here for these victims,” Alan Rosen stated. “Everybody around this man had no idea that he was a pedophile.”

McKay as well as Williams have been “terminated, charged and arrested,” for their involvement in the case. Both were booked into the Brazoria County Jail.

The FBI is now coordinating with the investigation and authorities have been making efforts to figure out if more youngsters had been abused.

“Nobody saw this coming,” Alan Rosen mentioned. “This has been a tragic week and we pray for the victims.”

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