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‘Completely naked’ Minnesota woman arrested for masturbating in someone else’s SUV

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A nude Minnesota woman was apprehended this past week after police discovered her pleasuring herself inside someone else’s truck.

35-year-old Jennifer Dorit Weber had been “completely nude” when an officer discovered her resting on the flooring of an unlocked gold Pontiac Sport Utility Vehicle “digitally penetrating” herself, a statement obtained by The Smoking Gun on Wednesday reveals.

Weber was released from a Blue Earth County jail following her being booked on a number of misdemeanor offenses such as public indecency, drug possession, DUI, and also for getting into an automobile without the owner’s consent.

Weber, who had been detoxing “was making nonsensical comments and appeared to be talking to people that weren’t there” and kept on masturbating while she talked to the police.

Neither Weber’s pants or underwear was located inside the vehicle, yet a metallic spoon determined to be possible drug paraphernalia had been found at the scene.

During the nearly one hour, police officers attempted to get Weber away from the vehicle,
“she made nonsensical statements and continued to masturbate.”

Multiple 911 phone calls were made in the mid-day of May 9 regarding “a naked female walking around and jumping in and out of vehicles at a retail business that sells motor vehicles” in the city of Mankato, around 81 miles southwest of Minneapolis.

Authorities took Jennifer Dorit Weber to a detoxing center after they eventually persuaded her to get out of the vehicle the SUV owner didn’t provide Weber the permission to get into.

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