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Girl, 11, fights back, escapes attempted abduction at Florida bus stop

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A Florida man was apprehended following an age 11 girl who resisted during the course of attempted kidnapping and ran away to safety on Tuesday early morning, the Escambia County sheriff stated.

“She fought, and she never gave up,” Sheriff Chip Simmons stated at a press conference.

30-year-old Jared Paul Stanga is facing charges of attempted kidnapping of a child under 14 years of age, aggravated assault as well as battery. The sheriff mentioned he used an item thought to have been a knife.

The attempted kidnapping at 7 a.m. at a bus stop had been caught on home security footage that assisted lead detectives to Stanga’s residence, where he was apprehended, Simmons pointed out.

“This rarely, rarely happens,” Simmons stated. “… When I saw the video, I was just shocked that this happened here in Escambia County.”

It was not promptly known if Stanga had a lawyer as of Tuesday.

Simmons stated the girl did everything she could to combat the attempted abduction with the alleged kidnapper and after that, she ran to inform her parents, that contacted the police.

The girl was stated to be alright with small scrapes as well as some psychological damage.

The video recording reveals a male running towards her and attempting to lug her back towards the automobile prior to him stumbling, then he bolts off without the girl.

The girl was playing with a “blue slime” toy when the attempted kidnapping happened, and when deputies apprehended the guy, he possessed a blue material on his arms, the sheriff pointed out.

A chrome bumper on the automobile was painted black, Simmons mentioned, evidently in an attempt to modify its look after a description that consisted of that bumper was provided.

The girl stated that 2 weeks ago the very same white-colored vehicle approached her and the vehicle driver made an effort to talk with her. She mentioned that happening to her parents and the principal of her school.

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