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11-year-old Georgia boy jumped out of bus to escape beating from bullies

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A Georgia boy, age 11 leaped out of a school bus and landed on a passing truck, in a “desperate attempt” to get away from bullies, his dad pointed out.

Dion Murphy informed FOX5 Atlanta that his child jumped out of a bus window this past Wednesday when he was being beaten by other students.

“One student jumped in his face, he was pushing him against the window, when he fell, the other student took his shoe and in a desperate attempt to escape it, he jumped out the window,” Murphy stated.

The bus was actually stopped at a turn street when the middle schooler jumped out of the right-back window. He came down on a passing truck, just before spinning onto the freeway, Georgia State Patrol claimed.

The youngster, a student at Youth Middle School in Walton County, was transported to a nearby medical center. He endured a concussion and a busted elbow joint, his father said.

This was not the very first time he had been badgered by bullies.

The family members stated they had notified the school concerning previous occurrences, and that this had driven the young boy too far.

“I believe he was trying to escape the situation. At this moment he felt his back was up against the wall,” his father said.

Murphy mentioned he’d viewed a video recording of the beatdown during the course of a conference on Friday with the school’s principal.

“There are more tapes and that’s why I’m so upset because the school neglected the bullying act and did not do anything about it,” the distressed father pointed out. “They took it as horse-play, but my son could have lost his life.”

His child is no longer enrolled at the middle school.

A representative for Walton County Schools stated the district was aware of the bullying accusations.

“The Walton County School District does not tolerate bullying and harassment of any kind,” the declaration stated. “The incident is being thoroughly investigated by school officials and any disciplinary issues that may arise will be handled appropriately at the school level.”

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