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Kids save their mother from abuse by giving note to school bus driver

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Two kids that purportedly witnessed their mom’s boyfriend beat her for hours slipped a note to their school bus vehicle driver, in a plea for help.

Age 40 New Mexico resident Erik Alvarado is the suspect, who purportedly intimidated the victim with murder threats, assaulted, strangled, and suffocated her two times with a pillow and a t-shirt last Thursday evening, done in front of both a toddler and also their pair of school-age kids, according to the Las Cruces Police Department’s statement on Tuesday.

Alvarado additionally apparently took the victim’s mobile phone away therefore she was unable to call anybody.

On Friday early morning, the victim managed to jot a secret note that said she was in danger and gave it to her kids that at that point passed it over to their bus driver.

The bus vehicle driver dialed 911 and authorities responded to the couple’s residence and discovered the woman along with a number of cuts and contusions.

Alvarado is being charged with 3 third-degree felony counts of aggravated battery against a home member, 2 of suffocating the victim, and also a count for strangulation, in addition to misdemeanor counts of battery against a home member and deprival of residential property.

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