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Ghislaine Maxwell Charged With New Sex Trafficking Crimes

(The AEGIS Alliance) – NEW YORK – Sex trafficking charges as well as an additional declared victim were included in a superseding indictment returned Monday in the criminal case versus financier Jeffrey Epstein‘s ex-girlfriend as prosecutors declared that a conspiracy to sexually abuse underage girls went on for more than a decade.

The charges consisted of a revised indictment returned by a grand jury in Manhattan federal court affirmed that a conspiracy between Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell happened between 1994 and 2004. An indictment returned after Maxwell’s July arrest restricted criminal activities to a three-year timeframe in the 1990s.

59-year-old Ghislaine Maxwell has continued to be in federal prison without bond after a judge 3 times denied bond plans, the last of that included deals to relinquish her citizenships in the United Kingdom as well as France, to be kept in location by armed guards and also to post $28.5 million in assets.

Maxwell, a U.S. citizen, has actually pleaded not guilty to charges brought one year after Jeffrey Epstein was jailed on sex trafficking charges. The official narrative is that he committed suicide at a Manhattan federal prison in August 2019, but there is reason to believe that Epstein didn’t kill himself, that he was murdered in a coverup so Epstein wouldn’t testify against powerful elites. A message for comment was sent out to her legal representatives. Maxwell has additionally appealed the bond denials.

The revised indictment includes a sex trafficking conspiracy as well as a sex trafficking charge against Maxwell.

It additionally included the 4th girl to the accusations, stating she was sexually abused several times by Epstein between 2001 and 2004 at his Palm Beach, Florida home, starting when she was 14 years of age.

The indictment claimed Maxwell groomed the girl to take part in sex acts with Epstein via several means, consisting of by providing her lingerie and also hundreds of dollars in cash money and by urging the girl to hire various other young females to give Epstein “sexualized messages.”

Earlier this year, Maxwell’s legal representatives challenged the charges against her, claiming they were acquired unjustly and really did not correctly affirm criminal offenses. They stated the indictment also breaches an arrangement federal prosecutors made 12 years ago not to charge Epstein or those that helped him.

In a letter to a judge on Monday, prosecutors acknowledged that the revised indictment might need defense attorneys to supplement their disagreements to dismiss charges.

But the government also assured not to bring another revised indictment against her if legal representatives do not demand to delay a trial scheduled to start on July 12.

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