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Off-duty New Mexico firefighter braves swarm of bees to rescue man

(The AEGIS Alliance) – They say the firefighter is the bee’s knees.

A New Mexico local’s journey to the supermarket developed into something from a nightmare when a swarm of 15,000 bees took control of the rear seats of his car. Thankfully, an off-duty fireman that practices beekeeping came to his unexpected rescue.

On Sunday, March 28, a Las Cruces customer left their vehicle windows rolled down while he went into a grocery store. When they returned and started to drive away, they realized countless thousands of bees had actually invaded their car, a Facebook post from the Las Cruces Fire Department reveals.

Fortunately, firefighter Jesse Johnson works as a beekeeper in his free time. Though he had not been working that day, the group called him in for his specialist assistance. Johnson came to Albertsons supermarket in a complete safety and security getup with a hive kit as well as lemongrass oil. It took 2 hours for the hive master to gather all the Insects from the automobile. After that, the bees were transferred to Johnson’s house.

Firefighter Jesse Johnson takes on a swarm of bees. (Facebook / Las Cruces Fire Department)

In pictures uploaded by the fire department, the glob of bees appeared incredibly frightening. While they flew about, Johnson showed up unflinching as he comfortably gathered them.

Only a single person, a shop security personnel, was stung.

It’s uncertain what drove them to take control of the customer’s car or where they originated from.

Jesse Johnson made use of a hive kit to remove a swarm of bees from a vehicle.
(Facebook /Las Cruces Fire Department)

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