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Florida Man who cut off and took wife’s lover’s penis pleads guilty, faces up to 30 years in prison

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The Florida Man just wanted to cut to the chase, “chop-chop.”

A northern Florida man accused of using scissors to snip off his wife’s lover’s penis in 2019 pleaded guilty on Thursday.

51-year-old Alex Bonilla has been in jail since the incident happened, during which he was armed when he went to the trailer home of a neighbor with whom Bonilla stated had been having intercourse with his age 35 wife two months before the incident.

Bonilla claims he was “blacked out” and does not remember the assault that took place, his unidentified victim informed police the torture started when the assailant, who lives across the road, went over to his residence armed with a handgun.

“I came here to fix something,” the victim mentioned Bonilla told him.

Bonilla, who was reportedly also armed with a pipe, is accused of binding the victim’s hands behind the man’s back and saying to him that “this is normal” before putting on a pair of gloves, wrapping the base of the victim’s penis with a rubber band to restrict blood flow, and cutting off three-quarters of the man’s sex organ. The painful process took a number of tries.

Bonilla then reportedly walked away from the bloody scene carrying the severed penis, which has never been recovered.

“Don’t act this way, this is normal,” Bonilla stated, warning the mutilated man he would return and “finish this” if he reported the assault to authorities.

The victim stated he has since had trouble urinating and having intercourse with his wife. Doctors  informed the man that he “will never have any sensation in his penis again.”

Prosecutors have requested a judge to sentence Bonilla to 30 years behind bars. Charges against him include kidnapping, burglary, aggravated battery, and assault with a deadly weapon. Alex Bonilla is a father of three who emigrated from El Salvador in 1990.

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