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Ex-Army Officer Jason Musgrove Gets 30 Years For Making Child Porn

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A former U.S. Army Major named Jason Musgrove, age 39, has been sentenced to 30 years behind bars for producing and distributing child pornography.

In September 2020, Musgrove pleaded guilty to having put in a hidden digital camera in his house restroom, secretly recording photographs of kids below the age of 18 utilizing the facilities and later selling them on the internet.

“My crimes have blotted out all the good I’ve achieved in my life,” Musgrove told the judge during his sentencing hearing.

“I am a burden on society. This is a position I despise and never expected to occupy.”

In addition to serving 30 years in federal prison, he must pay restitution to his victims and undergo supervision for 15 years after he is released. He is also forbidden from having contact with any youngsters below the age of 18, along with his own children.

Musgrove was arrested in December 2019 after an FBI agent chatted with him in an incest-themed chatroom on the chat app Kik. The agent caught Musgrove sharing nude photos of a teenage relative, an obvious initiation requirement for the chat in question.

In his chats, Musgrove stated he had put in a hidden digital camera in the relative’s bedroom. He additionally mentioned plans to drug and sexually assault her. He stated he was exploring “the proper ingredients for a good night cocktail” to drug her including presumably “mixing some cherry NyQuil into a Dr. Pepper.”

In personal messages with undercover agent Tripp Godbee, Musgrove stated he had touched this relative in her sleep, had masturbated to her photographs and had sniffed her dirty panties. The identity of his relative and her relationship with him has been both withheld by authorities.

A federal agent had been monitoring the chat for a number of months as part of an ongoing investigation into child pornography. Using info supplied by Kik, the agent backtraced the images and various messages posted from December 4 to December 5, to Musgrove’s residence computer.

At the time of his arrest, Musgrove worked as an integrated threats operations officer at Army Cyber Command at Fort Gordon in Georgia, which requires a top-secret security clearance. His security clearances have now been revoked.

In August 2015, jail inmates identified for having a sexual interest in minors typically face a “living hell” behind bars, usually occupying the bottom rung of the prisoner hierarchy. Other inmates will sometimes defecate in their cells, use them as sex slaves or target them for violence and homicide as a solution to achieve prestige.

Such offenders are generally placed into protective custody, however, even there they’re despised by other prisoners who derisively refer to them as “Chesters,” “short eyes,” “tree jumpers” or “chomos,” a slang neologism created from the words “child” and “molester.”

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