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Kidnapped Christian girl, 12, raped and chained up by man, 45, in Pakistan, is rescued

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Many are at ease now that a 12-year-old innocent girl has been rescued from her abductor. Authorities in Pakistan stated she was raped multiple times and forced to marry the man who kidnapped her. She was found in a cattle pen in chains.

The Farah Shaheen’s abductor held her against her will for five months. During that time, he forced Shaheen to clean the cattle pen. She also worked throughout the entire day.

Fortunately, the police found the Christian girl in Faisalabad several weeks ago. Farah Shaheen had cuts on her ankles, but she’s expected to make a full recovery.

The case has been accepted by Christian charities. These charities believe that many girls are being kidnapped and forced to marry older in Pakistan.

Some Human rights groups estimate that 1,000 Hindu and Christian girls are kidnapped each year. Their abductors pressure them into accepting the Islamic faith. They believe the number of child abuse cases continues to increase as time progresses.

Aid to the Church in Need revealed they made several complaints to the police, but the police failed to take action.

Farah Shaheen’s family said the girl was kidnapped on June 12 last year, and they also revealed she was sexually assaulted multiple times.

Farah’s father made an earnest effort to apply pressure on the police, so they would take action. The police responded with racial remarks. They also threatened to arrest him for blasphemy.

The little girl is currently living in a women’s refuge while the police are conducting their investigation.

Aid to the Church in Need said this unfortunate situation sheds light on where Britain is sending overseas aid. At this present time, Britain is sending £302 million to Pakistan.

The Charity firmly believes that the government should take a stronger stance against child abuse instead of allowing child marriage to take place.

Back in November, many people asked the Prime Minister to offer asylum to a 14-year-old Christian girl fleeing from a dangerous Islamist death squad. She ran away from a forced marriage to a man thirty years her senior.

Maira Shahbaz, Catholic altar server, is in hiding. She also managed to run away from a forced marriage. According to the Islamic faith, her decision is a serious offense. If she’s captured by Islamic forces, she could be sentenced to death.

Luckily for Ms. Shahbaz, more than 9,000 people signed a petition that asks for the British government to give her asylum.

However, police in Pakistan announced they are stopping the investigation into the three men who kidnapped Farah Shaheen.

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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