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Pennsylvania USPS Worker Who Threw Out Mail is a QAnon Follower

(The AEGIS Alliance) – The Inspector General for the United States Postal Office is investigating one of its own employees after bags of mail that was undelivered were found in eight trash bags outside of his Baldwin, Pennsylvania home.

The name of the Pittsburgh-area mail carrier was not released, but he was suspended without pay and USPS said investigators with the Department of Justice will forward their findings as part of a criminal investigation into the incident.

Agents discovered some different types of mail in the trash bags that included small packages. The agents inspected the mail piece by piece and created an inventory before the mail was able to be delivered, a spokesperson for USPS said. However, the suspect’s neighbors reported a large number of bags that were being collected on Sunday evenings from outside the home that was scheduled for pick up the next day over the last several weeks.

The Pittsburgh City Paper reports that the previously unnamed mail carrier is Sean Troesch who is also a QAnon conspiracy supporter which includes claims that Democrats and celebrities are working together in a global child prostitution ring, that they eat babies so they can absorb hormones produced by the children’s adrenal glands. The conspiracy also claims that President Trump has quietly been making efforts to bring these cannibals and traffickers to justice.

Troesch’s Facebook account has since been deleted, but screenshots allegedly showing Troesch’s posts reveal he was sharing Qanon-related content over the last several months. The posts included a meme implying the “mainstream media” is covering “staged race riots” as a distraction from “child trafficking and pedophilia.” Facebook has recently enacted several new policies in an effort to ban and drive away Qanon groups and pages or content from its platform.

The incident that happened in Pennsylvania follows a New Jersey mail carrier several weeks ago who was arrested and charged with delaying and obstructing the delivery of the mail after he allegedly threw away several hundred pieces of mail in a dumpster that included 99 mail-in election ballots. He is now facing up to five years and six months in federal prison.

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