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3 Arrested in Child-Predator Sting Set Up by a Group of Truckers in Arkansas

Greenland, Arkansas In a bid to safeguard the innocence of children, Northwest Arkansas is now grappling with the revelation of three suspected child predator cases. This unsettling development comes on the heels of an intricate sting operation executed by an enigmatic group known as “Truckers Against Predators.”

Unveiling the Sting Operation

The mastermind behind this crusade, the founder of Truckers Against Predators, has adopted a multifaceted approach to expose these malicious individuals. Crafting a veneer of deception, the founder ingeniously fabricated a fictitious social media persona to entice potential child sexual predators into the web of justice.

With their fraudulent online identity firmly established, the founder embarks on a journey across various U.S. states, orchestrating sting-like operations that beckon these predators under the guise of meeting underage children. The pièce de résistance lies in the covert collaboration with local law enforcement authorities. Once the predators take the bait, they are confronted and apprehended, and their potentially criminal endeavors are captured on video for evidentiary purposes.

Recent reports from KFSM indicate that Truckers Against Predators made contact with the Greenland Police Department during a sting operation in Washington County, revealing the extent to which this noble cause reaches.

Siobar Serrano’s Arrest: A Stark Reminder

One of the harrowing cases that have emerged from these operations is that of Siobar Serrano. Serrano’s sinister intentions materialized as he planned to meet with a minor in person in Greenland. Shockingly, he had shared explicit images of himself online with someone he believed to be a 12-year-old underage girl.

The consequences of his actions were swift and decisive. Siobar Serrano was apprehended earlier this week and now faces charges of Sexual Indecency with a Child. His arrest serves as a stark reminder that justice will be pursued relentlessly, irrespective of the depths of depravity that child predators may plumb.

Elmer Figueroa and Doyle Hoyt: No Respite for Predators

The Truckers Against Predators operations did not cease with Serrano’s capture. On August 22, Elmer Figueroa found himself ensnared in the web of justice as he too was placed under arrest by the Greenland Police during a separate sting operation. Figueroa’s arrest underscores the determination of the group to rid society of these malevolent forces.

Just two days later, on August 24, Doyle Hoyt of Fort Smith experienced a similar fate. He was apprehended by the West Fork Police in yet another sting operation meticulously orchestrated by Truckers Against Predators.


The relentless pursuit of child predators by Truckers Against Predators is a testament to the unwavering commitment of ordinary individuals to safeguarding the most vulnerable members of society. Northwest Arkansas now stands as a beacon of resilience, sending a resounding message to those who seek to exploit children. The battle against child exploitation continues, as these unsung heroes endeavor to unmask the perpetrators and protect the future of our children.

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