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More Than 1.3 Tons of Meth, 2 Pounds of Heroin, 4 Pounds of Cocaine Seized in California Drug Bust

(The AEGIS Alliance) – SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA – 1.3 tons of methamphetamine, two pounds of heroin, and four pounds of cocaine, along with six assault rifles were seized by federal and local officials during a raid that lasted two days. The raid in San Bernardino County targeted a suspected drug stash house and three storage units, KTLA broke the news.

The investigation was worked on by a task force involving multiple agencies in regard to a local drug trafficking organization. Investigators learned of the San Bernardino County stash house, according to a written statement by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Investigators raided the home on February 20 after obtaining a search warrant, KTLA reported.

“A search warrant was obtained and executed at the residence where agents seized 76 pounds of methamphetamine and one kilogram of black tar heroin,” the statement read according to KTLA. “While at the residence investigators found information leading to multiple storage units.”

When authorities visited the first storage unit they found 1,043 pounds of crystal meth, according to officials.

Inside the second storage unit, authorities discovered a “full methamphetamine conversion lab” that contained 170 gallons of liquid meth that were in the crystalization process, the DEA wrote. One gallon of liquid meth yields around 7 pounds of the drug when crystalized, in this case, it added up to nearly 1,200 pounds, KTLA reports.

While searching through a third storage unit on February 21, investigators discovered 350 pounds of crystal meth, six assault rifles, two kilograms of cocaine, a pistol, and 2,800 rounds of ammo, according to officials and KTLA.

The exact locations of the storage units and home were not released by officials, and they didn’t describe anyone being arrested during the drug bust. Officials said this raid was part of “DEA Operation Crystal Shield,” KTLA wrote.

“Drug trafficking is not a victimless crime and through our law enforcement partnerships, we were able to successfully disrupt the flood of drugs in our area.”

“This seizure signifies we are making an impact in dismantling the drug organizations that corrode the safety of our neighborhoods,” DEA Special Agent in Charge William Bodner stated.

John McMahon with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office commended the task force, which included DEA agents, sheriff’s deputies, and the Inland Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team, KTLA reports.

“The joint operation with our local law enforcement partners and the Drug Enforcement Administration was a significant move to disrupt and dismantle sizable narcotics trafficking in San Bernardino County,” Sheriff John McMahon said. “We will continue to target these criminal enterprises that invade our communities and put them out of business.”

drug bust San Bernardino County California February 2020 DEA drug enforcement administration
Image Credit: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

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