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Former Youth Pastor who Sexually Assaulted Teen Girl Tried to have His Successor and a Judge Killed

(The AEGIS Alliance) – SOMERSET COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA – A former youth pastor serving prison time for the sexual assault of a teen girl who he impregnated has been charged for attempting to have his successor and a judge killed.

According to investigators in Somerset County, PA, Jacob Mathew Malone was seeking revenge against a pastor who testified against him in court, along with a judge who helped imprison him in 2017. Malone had pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a girl who was 17 years old at the time.

Malone was talking to his cellmate and asked if he knew anyone who’d be able to assassinate his successor and the judge, according to WJAC-TV. Malone’s cellmate told him to “drop it.”

Detectives said noted were given to a second inmate that allegedly came from Malone. The notes included details about where Malone’s replacement at the church was performing Sunday sermon.

37-year-old Malone offered the inmate $5,000 to do the job. The tarnished former youth pastor allegedly wanted to pay more if Judge Jacqueline Cody was killed. Judge Cody had rejected a plea deal made by prosecutors that asked for Malone to serve a minimum of two years in prison, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Judge Cody instead handed down a three-to-six-year prison sentence to Malone.

Following the events of Malone being accused of the rape and impregnation of a girl who he had been taking care of since she was 12, Cody locked up Malone in prison. Malone’s sexual misconduct happened often while the unidentified victim was a senior in high school.

Although Malone denied he raped the girl, he did confess in court that “She admired me and trusted me, and I betrayed that.”

Jacob Mathew Malone was ordered to register as a sex offender until the year 2032.

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