Man Arrested for Smuggling Meth, Heroin in Rotten Goat Intestines

(The AEGIS Alliance) – ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – A man in Alaska was placed under arrest at the Anchorage airport for the alleged crime of smuggling methamphetamine and heroin concealed within frozen rotten goat intestines. The arrest happened on November 20.

A 71 year old man from Kodiak named Cenen Placencia was arraigned in court on Friday after being charged with intent to distribute and the possession of illegal drugs, according to a statement released by the US Attorney for the District of Alaska.

Mr Placencia had a plane ticket for departure from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Investigators were suspicious of the man’s 47 pound fish box that had been sealed with duct tape and tied up with a rope, according to the District of Alaska.

An attorney for Cenen Placencia has been appointed by the Alaska Public Defender Agency.

Investigators for the District of Alaska say they discovered “loosely wrapped meat pieces frozen together in a single large mass. The meat did not appear to be for human consumption, and packaging and shipping was inconsistent with the standard methods of meat processing.”

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When the meat began to thaw, its odor made it apparent that the meat was rotten and not safe to eat, investigators mentioned.

The meat is believed to be goat intestines, and hidden inside were 10 balls of meth and heroin wrapped in duct tape. The drug bust amounted to about 740.5 grams heroin and about 389 grams of meth that was seized by authorities.

Investigators say Mr Placencia claimed he purchased the goat meat from a rancher in California for $140, and denied he knew anything about the heroin and meth, according to the District of Alaska.

The Alaska State Troopers released a report back in February saying they had launched an investigation into Mr Placencia. The following month in March, the troopers said they discovered money and drugs in his home that included 13 grams of meth and 247 grams of heroin.

The District of Alaska says Placencia could face a $5 million fine and 40 years in prison if he’s convicted.

Featured Image: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska. (Credit: CC/Flickr/Jeremy Keith)

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