Home Invader Chased by Australian Man in Underwear Wielding a Didgeridoo

(THE AEGIS ALLIANCE) – ADELAIDE’S WEST, AUSTRALIA – A home invader was in the middle of robbing an Australian home when the homeowner noticed the thief. A foot chase began with the homeowner wearing his underwear and wielding a Didgeridoo.

Kym Abrook was woken up by noises in his home at approximately 4 am Australia time on Monday. The house is located at Fullham Gardens in Adelaide’s West in Australia.

Mr. Abrook, a man in his early 50’s, heard the wooden floors squeaking as he followed the sound and eventually noticed the home invader and startled him. Abrook says he gave the thief “choice words” before the robber quickly made his escape and ran down the street. Abrook gave chase in only his underwear while wielding a didgeridoo.

Mr. Abrook was able to contact the local police shortly after chasing the intruder. According to a spokesperson for local authorities, police surrounded the area, and were able to locate and arrest the male suspect using the assistance of a police dog.

According to Nine News Australia, Mr. Abrook said, “I was out there in all my glory. I’ve noticed I run faster naked, semi-naked anyway. I was very lucky the cops got to him first.”

Mr. Abrook said he was a Brazilian jiu-jitsu teacher, and performed a re-enactment of him running up the street barefoot while wearing board-shorts and wielding a didgeridoo. Nine News also filmed Abrook doing the splits on a grassy area next to a close by footpath, while clutching the wooden didgeridoo instrument.

“It’s probably lucky I only had a didgeridoo… it’s pretty solid, I was only going to use it to restrain him,” Abrook said.

The 32-year old male suspect was charged with aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft. The suspect was able to make bail and is expected to appear in Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on August 6.

Police have alleged the thief was found in possession of cash and a wallet, which had been stolen during the break-in.

When asked if he’d do it again if something like that happened, Abrook said, “In the blink of an eye,” and emphasized that he must protect his children.

Here’s video about the incident from Nine News Australia:

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