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Man Stole Pepsi Truck: Said He Needed to Get to the Airport

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(The AEGIS Alliance) – Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma say a man had stolen a Pepsi truck while the driver was unloading soda in the back of it.

Police in Tulsa said nobody was injured. The driver leaped out of the back when he began to feel the truck moving. A trail of soda products started spilling out as the truck drove away.

According to authorities, Steven Hart said he needed to get to the airport after arguing with his girlfriend. The girlfriend said Mr. Hart had been searching for her.

According to Police, when they caught up to the Pepsi truck that was stopped in traffic, Mr. Hart jumped out and began to run away. Mr. Hart was then arrested, and the Pepsi Truck rolled right into the back of a school bus. There were no children aboard the school bus.

Mr. Hart is being held on pending charges, including larceny, and attempting to escape from the county jail while he was booked into police custody.

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