Groom Arrested at His Own Wedding: Allegedly Groped Underage Waitress

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A groom was placed in handcuffs during his own wedding after he allegedly groped a teenager and exposed himself in a bathroom stall.

This past Wednesday, 31 year old Matthew Ronald Aimers of Willingboro, New Jersey, was arraigned because of charges that took place at his November 24 wedding in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Inquirer originally reported. Matthew was arraigned for harassment, disorderly conduct, indecent assault and exposure, along with corruption and imprisonment of a minor.

After Mr. Aimers said his “I do,” He apparently began to scope out an underage waitress who was working during his Northampton Valley Country Club wedding reception.

According to a criminal complaint by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Aimers asked her for a hookup, and said, “we can do whatever you want.” After the underage waitress told him no, Aimers began stalking her in the restroom, grabbing her by the arm and forcing her into a stall, then blocked the door using his body. When the alleged sexual assault happened, Aimers pulled down his pants and said, “Can you kiss me like you mean it?” He even offered the victim $100 in return for sexual favors. The employee pushed him away and ran off from the bathroom.

Filed in the complaint, Aimers began “pushing and punching people” near the venue’s front doors. One employee stated to police he got punched after stopping Aimers from bringing an alcoholic beverage outside.

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Aimers boarded a shuttle bus so he could avoid the Northampton Township Police officers who had been called to the venue. An officer carrying a Taser gun removed the groom from the bus. The officer claims that Aimers allegedly made slurs at the officer such as “B***h” and “P***y” while challenging him to a fight.

According to Newsweek, Aimers was freed from jail after he paid only 10 percent of his $350,000 bail.

The the behavior he showed employee’s, Aimers has been charged with simple assault and harassment. As for the altercation with police, he faces resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Aimers’s preliminary hearing was on January 17 and his arraignment is set to be held in Bucks Court next week says the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Aimers’s attorney, Louis Busico told the Philadelphia Inquirer his client “absolutely denies all charges.”

“He maintains his innocence, and he looks forward to clearing his name when this is all concluded,” stated Busico.

Image: Matthew Aimers of Willingboro, New Jersey, got arrested during his own wedding for alleged sexual assault on a teenage waitress, fighting with employees and fleeing police officers. (Credit: Bucks County District Attorney’s Office)

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